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    Locally produced - 100% Cotton and Linens.

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    Focusing on ladies casual wear from 100% cotton and linen yarns creating a unique and elegant look.

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About Us

Established in the serene coastal town of Knysna in 2002, Sublime is a beloved local brand that has been weaving the essence of nature, comfort, and timelessness into its clothing and accessories. From humble beginnings , we’ve grown with a deep-rooted passion for creating garments that embrace the spirit of our coastal home.

At Sublime, we take pride in our commitment to local production. Every piece we create is a testament to our dedication to supporting the community we call home. We work with 100% natural materials, predominantly cotton and linen, in an effort to stay true to our love for the environment and sustainable practices.

Our Cotton Knitwear, forms the backbone of our collection, offering versatile, comfortable, and classic styles that exude a relaxed and natural look and feel. Sublime’s designs are a reflection of a laidback lifestyle, embracing our love for nature, beach, and endless comfort.

As a brand, we are dedicated to curating an ever-evolving collection that resonates with those who seek the perfect blend of style, simplicity, and a touch of the seaside. Sublime is not just a brand; it’s a way of life .Join us in embracing the sublime in everyday living.

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